Our people

An international and multilingual team with excellent qualifications and experience forms Ecorys Brussels. We strongly believe that societies thrive through diversity, so we count together 12 different nationalities and 11 languages. Furthermore, through the implementation of its Vision on Diversity, Ecorys actively works to nurture the talents and contributions of all employees, regardless of their gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Alexandros Vigkos

Junior Consultant

Alexandros Vigkos is a Junior Consultant at Ecorys Brussels where he works in the research team. He is involved in projects related to areas such as entrepreneurship, industrial economics and firm-level analysis. In addition, he is also interested in the fields of migration and human rights. Prior to Ecorys he completed a traineeship at DG GROW where he supported the work of the Unit for the European Semester and Member States Competitiveness, for the creation of the Country Specific Recommendations as well as the production of the report “Single Market Integration and Competitiveness in the EU and its Member States”, thus gaining both policy and analytical skills. Graduated in Economics by the Athens University of Economics and Business, Alexandros also holds a Masters in European Integration and Development from the Institute for European Studies of VUB in Brussels. Alexandros is a native Greek speaker fluent in English and French.

Carlo Della Libera

Senior Consultant

Carlo Della Libera is a senior consultant at Ecorys Brussels. He has experience in project management and policy analysis especially focusing on environmental themes and climate change and has applied a series of evaluation methods in the context of the evaluation of structural funds at regional and national level. Before joining Ecorys he has coordinated and implemented various projects including the assessment of climate change action within the ESI funds, the evaluation of ERDF regional programmes and the monitoring of the S3. He has previously worked on European projects focusing on Integrated Coastal Zone Management and especially on sustainable tourism and in the technical assistance of the ESF. Carlo holds a degree in Environmental Sciences and a Master in Environmental Strategic Management. He is a native Italian speaker and fluent in English.

Carmen Vera García

EU Business Development Manager

Carmen Vera García is EU Business Development Manager and the representative of Ecorys International Development Unit in Brussels. She is responsible for analysing, monitoring, and reporting on EU Development and Neighbourhood policies. Carmen is specialized in managing EuropeAid funded projects, and coordinates international technical assistance contracts funded by regional and thematic programmes. Prior to joining Ecorys, she worked as Senior Project Manager at GOPA Consulting Group and as technical advisor at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Furthermore, Carmen is currently a board member of Leadarise, a transatlantic network of volunteers promoting young women’s leadership. Carmen holds a Master’s degree in EU Law and Economics from Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and a Degree in Political Science from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She speaks Spanish as mother tongue, is proficient in English and French and has an advanced level of Italian.

Chiara Savina

Junior Consultant

Chiara Savina is a Junior Consultant at Ecorys Brussels, where she works in the research team. She is involved in projects related to different areas, for which she provides assistance and technical support. Her main areas of interest also include urban development and regional policy. Before joining Ecorys, Chiara gained valuable experience working as an intern at the European Committee of the Regions, where she gave support to the Economic Policy Secretariat, working mainly on the European Investment Plan and the European Semester. Chiara holds a double MSc degree in International Economics from the University of Pavia and HEC – Liège, and she completed her bachelor degree at the University of Bologna in International Development and Cooperation. She is a native Italian speaker, fluent in English and with good knowledge of French.

Chloé Féré


Chloé Féré is a Consultant for Events and Communications at Ecorys Brussels. She is in charge of coordinating and managing projects linked to events and communications for the European Commission and other EU institutions, agencies and programmes (Shift2Rail, Interreg Europe, European Fundamental Rights Agency). She is also in charge of the organisation and implementation of numerous events (conferences, study visits, workshops, meetings), and of the coordination of the overall communication campaign related to these events. Prior to Ecorys, Chloé worked as Editorial/Communications/Events coordinator at the Pan-European magazine Cafébabel and as Administrative Assistant at the think-tank European Institute of International Relations. Furthermore, she gained valuable experience in European affairs thanks to her traineeship at the European Committee of the Regions where she worked at the Communications Directorate (Events Unit). She holds a Master Degree in European Affairs from the European Studies Institute of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She is a native French-speaker with fluency in English and a good understanding of German.

Luca Turturro

Junior Consultant

Luca Turturro is a Junior Consultant at Ecorys Brussels, where he is currently focusing on industrial policies, innovation and sector competitiveness, working for different European Commission Directorates such as DG GROW. Before joining Ecorys, he gained valuable experience as a trainee at the European Parliament, ENVI Committee, working mainly on circular economy. Prior to this, he worked at the UK Trade and Investment Division of the British Embassy in Rome, where he provided assistance and technical support to British businesses willing to access the Italian market. Luca is graduated in Economics and Management and holds an MSc in “European Economy and Business Law” from the University of Rome Tor Vergata (including six months at the Autonomous University of Madrid). He is an Italian native speaker, fully fluent in English and Spanish, with basic knowledge of French.

Marjolein Selten

Junior Consultant

Marjolein Selten is a Junior Consultant at Ecorys Brussels, where she is currently focusing on Food and Agriculture related projects for DG Agri and DG Sante. Prior to Ecorys, she worked as a consultant for agricultural innovations for almost two years, and coordinated several public private partnership projects between the Netherlands and the Philippines. During her studies, she joined Wageningen Economic Research for over one year, where she conducted a study towards certification and wage labour in the cocoa sector in Ghana, as well as a study on future trends and developments relevant to the Dutch agriculture and nature sector. She holds a MSc. in Management, Economics and Consumer studies, with a major in Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy Analysis from Wageningen University. Marjolein speaks Dutch as mother tongue, is fluent in English, proficient in Spanish and German, and has a basic level of French.

Paul-Hubert Jenart

Financial Assistant

Paul-Hubert Jenart is currently working as Financial Assistant in the financial department of Ecorys Brussels as accountant. He studied accountancy in Belgium and made a final of four months internship in the headquarters of Air Liquide Canada in Montréal. He is helping for the daily and analytical accounting, invoicing, financial contract management, monitoring of the financial expenditure, etc.Paul-Hubert is native French speaker, fluent in English, has learned Dutch during schooling and currently learning Spanish.

Roelof Jan Molemaker

Managing Director

Roelof Jan Molemaker is the Managing Director of Ecorys Brussels and the Global Market Director for EU Institutions at Ecorys. He is a key policy advisor to international political, policy and financing institutions such as the World Bank and the European Commission. His expertise covers EU policy and sector studies, ranging from institutional and organisational issues to financing and infrastructure investments. Having worked with a large number of DGs, including DG GROW, DG ENV, DG HOME, DG MARE, DG MOVE, DG CNECT and DG REGIO, he has a broad thematic coverage. He is a highly experienced project manager in large complex multidisciplinary projects. Over the last 20 years he has worked in a large number of countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Roelof Jan is graduated in Human Geography. He is a Dutch native speaker fluent in English and with good knowledge of Spanish and German.


Tamás Kiss-Gálfalvi

Junior Consultant

Tamás Kiss-Gálfalvi is a junior consultant at Ecorys. As part of the research team, he contributes to projects and framework contracts for different EU Institutions, focusing on regional economic development and competitiveness. Prior to joining Ecorys, he completed a Blue Book traineeship at the European Commission’s Regulatory Scrutiny Board, where he assisted the RSB in screening the quality of the Commission's impact assessments and evaluations. Before this, Tamás interned for the Hungarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and its academic institute, the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade. Tamás has an MSc in International Public Policy from University College London (UCL) and an MA in History from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Tamás is a native Hungarian speaker fully fluent in both English and French. He also has a good knowledge of Spanish and a basic knowledge of German.

Thomas Krüger

Junior Consultant

Thomas Krüger is a Junior Consultant in the Research Team. He is involved in winning and executing projects and takes interest in evaluations and research projects. He contributes to projects for several EU institutions, including the EIB, DG SANTE and DG EASME. Thomas is interested in (macro)economic governance, financial markets and human rights. Before joining Ecorys, Thomas gained experience at DG ECFIN, contributing to the macroeconomic supervision of EU Member States. He supported the human rights programme of the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin and worked for the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation in Prishtina, Kosovo. Thomas holds a MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics. He completed his BA in Political Science at Tübingen University, spending a year at Harvard University. He is a native German speaker, proficient in English and with a basic command of French.

Toms Feifs

Associate Director

Toms Feifs is an Associate Director at Ecorys Brussels office with twelve years of experience in provision of evaluation, research and policy advice services to the European Commission as well as the EU agencies. His principal fields of expertise include evaluation of EU information and communication services and pan-European campaigns, education and training, employment as well as media and culture programmes and policies. Through his work Toms has acquired an expensive experience in evaluation of EU initiatives and instruments as well as a good understanding of national social policies, particularly in the areas of education, employment and inclusion. Toms has a major in Media and minor in Public Relations. He developed a deeper interest in European policies through a Master in European Studies. His mother tongue is Latvian. He is also proficient in English, has an intermediate level of French and some basic knowledge of Russian and German.

Victoria Huisa


Victoria Huisa is a Consultant for Events and Communications at Ecorys Brussels. She is in charge of event planning and organization for conferences, study visits and high-profile meetings mainly with DG EMPL, DG NEAR and the FRA. Prior to this, she was in charge of managing events in the context of EU projects for the Spanish public Ibero-American Foundation (FIAPP) in Madrid. She also gained valuable experience in institutional affairs, international relations, event & communication management and administration thanks to her work at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the private sector. Victoria holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Diplomatic School of Spain and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Seville. She is a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English and Italian.

Zoe Graham

Junior Consultant

Zoe Graham is a Junior Consultant at Ecorys and as part of the Framework Contracts Management Unit, Zoe has acquired a good knowledge of the coordination and management of the different framework contracts run by the Business Development and Communications team. She is particularly involved in the management of the DG EAC and DG EMPL Communications Framework contracts and their related assignments. In her previous role as a Business Development and Communications Assistant, Zoe has been involved in work winning and searching for new business opportunities. Prior to joining Ecorys, she undertook an internship with the European think&do tank Pour la Solidarité – PLS in Brussels and a voluntary internship at the Belgian Embassy in Australia. She holds a BA in Political Sciences and a MA in European Studies with a specialisation in International Relations. Zoe is a native French speaker, fluent in English and has a basic knowledge of Dutch.

Jan Maarten de Vet


Jan Maarten de Vet is since 2005 (co-)director of Ecorys Brussels. He has extensive experience in European policy preparation; management of complex and cross-cutting projects for the European Commission, and in the development, elaboration and implementation of EU impact assessment methods. He has also led a wide range of sector studies in the areas of industrial policy, sustainable competitiveness, maritime economic development, renewable energy, and regional & urban development. Jan Maarten is also a trainer and conference moderator in areas of his competence. Before joining Ecorys Brussels, he worked for the OECD in Paris and for Ecorys in the Netherlands, working and living as well in Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovenia. He holds Master degrees in economic and industrial geography from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Utrecht University. He is a Dutch native speaker with a fluent level of English and French.


Lucrezia Titi

Market Development Director

Lucrezia Titi is Market Development Director at Ecorys. She leads the company’s communications framework contracts with European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and DG Education and Culture. With over 14 years of experience in the field of communications, before joining Ecorys, Lucrezia worked in the European Commission defining communication strategies and implementing communication campaigns on the political priorities of the Commissions Barroso II and Juncker, within DG Justice and Consumers and DG Enterprise and Industry. She previously held communications and project management positions in the Council of Europe, where she created the website of the organisation in Italian and carried out campaigns to promote local and regional democracy at pan-European level. She is an Italian native speaker with a fluent level of English and French. She has a good level of Spanish and an intermediate level of German and Dutch.

Andreas Pauer

Senior Consultant

Andreas Pauer is a Senior Consultant at Ecorys Brussels. He is focusing on the EU market working for a broad range of European Commission Directorates (incl. GROW, AGRI, RTD, HOME, MARE, COMP) and other related clients (European Parliament, European Associations) with a methodological focus on EU Impact Assessments, sector competitiveness studies, value chain analysis, assessment of administrative burden and regulatory cost assessments (Standard Cost Modelling). Andreas holds three Master’s degrees: economics (University of Innsbruck), political science (University of Innsbruck), European Economic Studies (College of Europe in Bruges). Furthermore, he has work experience from DG REGIO (Unit for thematic coordination and innovation), the Banque Centrale du Luxembourg, the Regional Government of Upper-Austria as well as industry. Andreas is a native German speaker, fluent in English, French and Italian.

Barbara Pia Oberč


Barbara Pia Oberč is a Consultant at Ecorys Brussels. Her thematic focus is on topics concerning climate change and the environment. She has worked on projects for DG RTD (artificial photosynthesis, advanced biofuels), DG SANTE (pesticides, food redistribution) and DG AGRI (the CAP). She is also supporting the Urban Agenda Partnership on the Circular Economy (DG REGIO) and the work on the sustainable use of natural resources under the Construction 2020 Action Plan (DG GROW). She holds an MSc in sustainable development (Uppsala University) and a BA in business management (Newcastle University). Prior to Ecorys she worked at DG AGRI, on agri-environmental and climate measures within rural development programs. She also interned at the UNFCCC, working on nationally appropriate mitigation actions and supporting the COP 19. Born in Toronto, brought up in Ljubljana, and having lived in Germany, Barbara is bilingual in Slovenian and English and fluent in German.

Cécile Alen

Office / HR Manager

Cécile Alen is since 2002 Office / HR Manager at Ecorys Brussels. Her responsibilities include the daily management of the office, the management of suppliers, and the support to consultants’ work. She is an expert in proposal submission, including the collection of administrative & legal documents and the issuing, processing and formatting of proposals and reports. She also takes care of the delivery to the client and acts as focal point of the office for all administrative and supporting tasks. Additionally, Cécile is in charge of Human Resources of the office, dealing with recruitments, reviews, job offers, etc. Throughout the last 14 years, she has worked closely with the European institutions, including DG EAC, DG AGRI, DG MARE, DG MOVE, DG EMPL, and DG JUST, to name just a few. Cécile is a native speaker of French with a fluent level of English.


William Mejía


William Mejia is a Consultant for Events and Communications at Ecorys Brussels. Prior to that, William worked three years in the field of Institutional Communication as Press and European Affairs Officer at the French Embassy in Lithuania and as Press Assistant for the Spokespersons’ service of the European Commission (DG Justice, DG Home, DG COMM and EC Presidency). He was then dealing with media relations, media monitoring and political reporting. William also has several years of experience in Tourism and customer relations in different European countries. He holds one master degree in European Affairs, one in Geopolitics of Post-soviet countries and a bachelor in Economics. He presented two master thesis about the “1998 Reform of Russian schools in Latvia” and the “Challenges and Opportunity of Baltic Cooperation”. He is a native speaker of French and Spanish, is fluent in English and understands Lithuanian. 

Daniel Nigohosyan

Senior Consultant

Daniel Nigohosyan has joined Ecorys in 2009. He has more than 10 years of experience with the EU Cohesion policy and programme/project cycle and broad experience in managing, coordinating, and implementing evaluations covering various fields, such as transport, administrative capacity, and regional development. He has been involved in a number of ex-ante, thematic, interim, and impact evaluations in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, and at EU level. He has performed diverse tasks for the EC, e.g. for DG GROW, DG MARE, DG ECFIN, DG NEAR, and DG REGIO. Before joining Ecorys he worked for the public administration sector in Bulgaria. In addition, for two years (2009-2011) he was an assistant-professor at the UNWE (Sofia). Daniel holds two MA degrees – in Political Science (CEU, Budapest) and International Relations (UNWE, Sofia). He is a native Bulgarian speaker and fluent in English.

Olivier Chartier

Principal Consultant

Olivier Chartier is Principal Consultant at Ecorys. He has 17 years of professional career in the design and management of studies implemented for the European Commission, mainly in the agri-food sector. He has extensive experience in the management of multi-disciplinary research projects aimed at providing evidence-based recommendations in the field of agriculture and research policies. Before joining Ecorys in 2015, Olivier was leading the Agri-food unit of a French consultancy company conducting research and innovation projects in the bio-economy sector for European and international institutions (OECD, FAO, DG Research and DG Agriculture). He also has experience in developing the administrative capacities in the Ministries of Agriculture of Hungary and Romania, in preparation towards their EU accession. Olivier holds a degree of Engineering in Agriculture (1998). He is a native French speaker and fluent in English.


Géraldine Ferdinand

Senior Project Manager

Géraldine Ferdinand is an Events and Financial Manager at Ecorys Brussels. As Events Manager, Géraldine has worked intensively with the European Commission, including DG Enlargement, DG Budget, DG Enterprise, DG EAC, DG MARE, DG AGRI, DG SANCO, DG JUST, DG EMPL, the Fundamental Rights Agency, EACEA and EASME. Her track record and expertise in events organisation allows her to offer comprehensive services that cover the whole project cycle; from event design to financial management, including the drafting of programmes and work plans and the coordination and management  of experts and participants. In addition to this, Geraldine is also a Financial Manager at Ecorys. She is in charge of daily and analytical accounting, invoicing, financial contract management, monitoring of the financial expenditure, etc. Géraldine joined Ecorys in 2002, after a 4-year experience at the European Commission. She is a French native speaker with fluent level of English.


Cristina Martínez

Senior Consultant

Cristina Martínez is Senior Consultant for Events and Communications at Ecorys Brussels. Her experience with the European institutions includes the planning, organisation and management of events for different DGs of the European Commission, agencies and initiatives. In the last years, Cristina has worked in and led projects in more than 10 countries. In addition to this, Cristina works intensively as well in Communications. Particularly for the Urban Agenda for the EU; she participates in the preparation, management and implementation of communication plans for 12 multilevel European Partnerships that include in their members lists cities, regional bodies, organisations and international institutions.  Furthermore, Cristina is in charge of all communication aspects of Ecorys Brussels. Prior to joining Ecorys, she gained valuable experience in DG Justice (Communications Unit), the Cabinet of the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Business Mission in Tunisia. Cristina holds a Master's Degree in International Relations from the Diplomatic School of Spain and is a native Spanish speaker, fluent in English and French and with good knowledge of German and Italian.

Elodie Salle


Elodie Salle is a Consultant at Ecorys Brussels. Having a legal background, she is working on qualitative and legal analysis. She is currently involved in the overall management of the Technical Secretariat for the Urban agenda of the EU for DG REGIO and more particularly in the Partnerships on the Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees and Public Procurement. She is also part of the coordination team of several framework contracts for DG HOME and working on the smart eco-social villages pilot project for DG AGRI. Prior to Ecorys, Elodie gained valuable experience working as an intern at Amnesty International, the European External Action Service (External Security Division), and at the EUREKA Secretariat where she was respectively involved in pro women rights campaigns, private security contracts and public procurement. She holds both an MSc in European and International Law obtained during her Erasmus year at the Complutense University in Madrid and an MSc in Public International law from Aix-Marseille University (Master thesis on ‘The fight against terrorism and human rights’). Elodie is originally French, proficient in English and fluent in Spanish.

Diletta Zonta

Senior Consultant

Diletta Zonta is a Senior Consultant at Ecorys Brussels. She manages projects and framework contracts for European Commission services (incl. MARE, GROW, HOME, EASME, REGIO). Her technical expertise comprises maritime sustainable development (incl. the Blue Economy, Maritime Spatial Planning and macro-regional strategies), migration policies as well as a methodological focus on stakeholder involvement tools (i.e. surveys, interviews, panel discussions, focus groups, analysis of stakeholder consultations), EU evaluations & impact assessments. Before joining Ecorys she worked in DG MARE and DG EAC. She holds a BA cum laude in international relations (University of Trieste), one master in European Affairs (Sorbonne University) and a post-graduate master degree in Political and Administrative Studies (College of Europe). She is bilingual in Italian and French and proficient in English and Spanish.