Our Brussels story

The Brussels office was founded in 1988, as a representative office of Ecotec Research & Consulting (nowadays Ecorys UK). It fitted in the vision and the international spirit of its two founders, Frank Joyce and Hugh Williams. They sought to build a new kind of research-led consultancy and to expand it abroad. From the very beginning our work and efforts were dedicated to provide the European institutions with technical assistance and policy advice.

In 2000, Ecotec merged with the Netherlands Economic Institute - NEI (founded in 1929) and Kolpron. They were both Dutch leading research-based consultancies with excellent records. The new company was renamed Ecorys. In 2009 the status of the Brussels office was changed to a formal Ecorys office, which also works for Ecorys as a whole, and Ecorys Brussels NV was formally established. The mission of Ecorys Brussels is “to contribute to maintaining and increasing the position of the Ecorys towards our clients at European Institutions".  From this role, projects are often carried out in partnership with our colleagues from other offices.

Over time our Brussels team and expertise has grown. As a result, our portfolio of services covers today a wide range of activities in different areas, including the circular and innovative economy, agriculture and food safety, migration and home affairs and events organisation.