Knowledge for Young Farmers


Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission





This event was organised as part of a research study for DG AGRI on exchange programmes for young farmers in Europe. As a result, the research and  events team of Ecorys worked closely hand in hand to ensure the correct design and dissemination of key messages, the perfect setting for the young farmers participating in the event and the follow-up on participants, whose feedback and comments completed the final report of the study. To these aims, Ecorys took care of all logistic arrangements, including transport and accommodation for participants, catering, interpretation and IT; the launch of invitations and registration process; the design and production of communication materials (namely a brochure, roll-ups and infographics); the coordination with DG AGRI’s Communication Unit for the Twitter account (hashtag creation and materials for feed) and the web streaming; the shuttle services, the welcome and on-site assistance, the liaison with speakers, etc.

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