Maritime Affairs

Maritime resources are precious for the European Union. According to Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, half of EU's maritime regions account for half of EU population and GDP. Therefore, the management and protection of our seas and oceans are crucial for the achievement of the Europe 2020 goals. Not only in terms of climate and energy, but also regarding employment, innovation, external relations and job creation. Ecorys possess extensive experience in the study of maritime valuable assets, having carried out research in areas such as renewable energy, clusters, tourism, deep-sea mining and blue growth.

Sample projects, please contact us for specific references:

  • Support activities for the development of maritime clusters in the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas
  • Study supporting a possible network of maritime training academies and institutes in the Mediterranean sea-basin
  • Study promoting Blue Economy concept in the Mediterranean Sea basin
  • Deepening Understanding of Potential Blue Growth in the EU Member States on Europe’s Atlantic Coast
  • Analysis of the potentials of Deep Sea Mining