Ecorys will review the regulatory framework for e-communications in the European Union

The regulatory framework of electronic communications in the European Union encompasses today 8 different legislations. In the framework of its Better Regulation policy the European Commission, DG CONNECT has requested a consortium consisting of Ecorys, WIK and VVA to study the current situation to determine whether it is possible to adjust the regulatory framework to promote better competition within the EU internal market.

EU laws for electronic communications govern internet, fixed and wireless telecoms, broadcasting and transmission services, including popular chat and voice services like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber or Skype. In spite of this set of rules, the market is not yet harmonized across Member States. Ecorys and its partners will examine the possible existence of market access inequalities (e.g. monopolies), spectrum issues (causing, for instance, different cost and efficiency schemes) and the level and quality of users protection (for example when exchanging private data for the provision of free services). The enhancement of competition within the internal market can produce significant impact on consumers’ lives who will eventually benefit from better protection of their rights, higher quality in their communications and lower prices. This project, which falls under the Digital Agenda initiative, will be completed within six months. The results will serve to support the efforts of the European Commission to strengthen the Digital Single Market.

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