Ecorys will design a European system to attract non-EU migrant entrepreneurs


Migrants represent a source of human capital with the potential to revitalise our societies. They can contribute in many ways to job creation, growth and progress in Europe. To capitalise this precious resource, the European Commission has requested the design of a European scheme that helps migrant entrepreneurs set up, or move their business to Europe.

Ecorys has been awarded with this 2-year contract with a double objective. On one hand, to carry out a market study that investigates the current support schemes and funding platforms in place in the different Member States. On the other hand, to design an EU system that can accelerate the mix and match of talented migrant entrepreneurs with funding programmes and institutions in Europe which, eventually, will facilitate the entrepreneurs to start or move (including all the administrative and visa issues). The resulting platform will also represent an opportunity for entrepreneurial refugees in Europe to recover a life of their own and integrate in their hosting countries, as well as EU citizens to better search through the vast eco-system of support.  The ultimate goal of the European Commission is to use existing structures to create a practical tool, so that non-EU entrepreneurs can easily start up, or move their projects to Europe.

In order to do so, Ecorys will design the architecture of a match-making website that brings together seekers and givers in all relevant entrepreneurial fields (ideas, location, funding, partners, sectors, etc.). Likewise, Ecorys will define the foundations of an international communication campaign that aims to promote the website as a one-stop, user-friendly and comprehensive shop, in line with international sites like AirBnB.

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