Ecorys to study the European construction value chain

Construction plays a substantial role in the European economy, accounting for almost 10% of EU GDP and 20 million direct jobs. Therefore, it represents an important driving force for growth, particularly crucial in the context of the on-going economic and financial crisis.

To analyse the market today and foresee future trends, a consortium led by Ecorys (with partners WIIW and WIFO) will deliver a report on its dynamics and structure. The European Commission aims at improving competitiveness in the sector as well as to make it more sustainable and resource efficient. To that purpose Ecorys will study, among other factors, who are the most important players, the presence or absence of big suppliers, and the volatility of prices to determine where value lies in the chain of production. Furthermore, this project will also focus on the changes experienced in the European construction sector and in its global value chain over the last years.


The overall goal is to foresee the possible scenarios that lie ahead given a set of changes and trends mainly in quality and energy efficiency. The results will be available in six months and serve as background information for further European Commission publications, analyses and policies targeting the European construction sector.

As result of the study, WiiW - The International Institute for International Economic Studies- published a report entitled 'The European Construction Value Chain: Performance, Challenges and Role in the GVC'.  To read the full study, click on this link. Further information on the construction sector in the EU is available here