Ecorys presented competitiveness report at the International Breakfast Meeting of the European Boating Industry at “Boot 2016”

The European leisure marine industry, represented by the trade association European Boating Industry, organized on Tuesday their first International Breakfast Meeting to tackle the competitiveness, challenges and trends of leisure marine business in the German, European and American markets.

Our colleague, Andreas Pauer, was invited to attend the meeting and present the conclusions from the study "The Competitiveness of the recreational boating sector", carried out by Ecorys for the European Commission (DG GROW) in 2015. This project analysed the competitive situation of the sector along the value chain focussing on the manufacturing and services (charter and marinas) part of the life cycle of boats. Based on identified barriers for growth of the sector, scenarios of future developments were developed and policy recommendations drafted on how to support economic growth and jobs in the sector.

In addition to the focus on competitiveness, Mr Pauer highlighted during his presentation the economic relevance of recreational craft in the EU and particular for areas most affected by the economic crisis.