Ecorys at the 8th FEAD Network Meeting in Paris.

Ecorys Brussels has been part of the organisation of the 8th FEAD Network Meeting that took place on 13 and 14 November 2017 in Paris.

FEAD, the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived, supports EU countries’ actions to provide material assistance to the most deprived. The fund relies on the FEAD Network, which is an open membership community that provides a space to share good practices and new ideas. For more information regarding the FEAD network, click here.

The conference was organised by Ecorys on behalf of the European Commission and brought together 89 FEAD network members from 23 EU countries. During the two-day event, the delegates discussed the ‘many faces of FEAD’ and contributed suggestions for shaping their own topics through an ‘Open Space’ workshop, a dynamic working tool that allowed the brainstorming among the participants.

Ecorys also organised and monitored five visits to four FEAD partner organisations in France with the aim of experience first-hand the implementation of FEAD activities in the country. Ecorys monitored the visits to the following projects:

  1. ‘Food aid on wheels’- FEAD in rural areas (French Red Cross)
  2. ‘Job opportunities at a FEAD food aid depot’(Les Restaurants du Coeur – Aubervilliers)
  3. ‘Gateway to social inclusion through food aid’(Les Restaurants du Coeur – Centre d’Alleray)
  4. ‘Food distribution cycle’(French Federation of Food Banks – FFBA)
  5. ‘Diversity in social inclusion activities’(Secours Populaire Français)

On this eighth meeting, the participants also shared their knowledge and experience of FEAD and discussed the implementations to consider for the FEAD programme in the post 2020 period. For this purpose, the delegates highlighted their post 2020 views, which called for FEAD to remain autonomous and ambitious in reaching its goal of social cohesion.